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How can I help as a volunteer?

As an independent organisation, Ithemba faces financial struggles. Therefore, they welcome all volunteers, local as much as internationals. Anybody that wants to donate their time to work with children with disabilities is more than welcome to contact Ithemba directly at info@sdcithemba.com.

Ithemba also has a long history with german volunteers. People interested can inform themselves about the weltwaerts program by the German government (www.weltwaerts.de) or get in contact with Bezev.eV (www.bezev.de), a german organisation that sends out volunteers to Ithemba.

Dutch volunteers can contact khaya volunteer projects, which initiates and coordinates the offer of volunteers and trainees.

The support of volunteer and trainees will consist of several task:

  • Individual work: physiotherapy/speech therapy/occupational therapy

  • Give a lesson in classroom (teachers will translate)

  • Arrange outings for a group of children

  • Daily life activities: going to the shop, learn to look out for traffic, behaving safely in their environment

  • Basic mathematics, reading and writing, counting, alphabet

  • Creative work

  • Garden work: watering plants and vegetables

  • Self help skills: toilet training, washing, dressing, shoelaces, buttons, brushing teeth

  • Colouring, painting, any other suitable form of handwork

  • Board and card games

  • Sports and games: ball skills, new games

  • Self help skills to enable children to be more self-sufficient: washing, dressing, shoelaces, brushing teeth

  • Domestic skills: cleaning, sweeping, wiping, washing

Do you want more information about the volunteer program? Just send a request via email: info@sdcithemba.com. We’ll gladly provide this to you!