Vision and mission

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Who are we?

Vision & Mission

Ithemba staff


Vision and mission

"To be a dynamic movement which supports handicapped children in attaining optimal mental well being and quality of life in society."

"We actively work with the community to achieve the highest possible level of mental health for all by:

  • Enabling people to identify mental health needs and responding appropriately (i.e. communicate with parents, analyze children’s home, supply ergonomic devices);

  • Developing equal caring services for people having difficulty coping with every day life and those with mental handicaps (i.e. supplying daycare, life skills education and transportation);

  • Creating public awareness of mental health issues and striving for recognition and protection of mental health rights (i.e. external activities to church or beach to promote understanding and integration).

The existence and continuity of Ithemba can only be assured because of our loyal staff. They create an environment where the children can learn several skills and develop themselves by offering a structured program."