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Sponsor a child!


Sponsor a child!

If you want to be involved and contribute to Ithemba, you can! You can already support Ithemba by donating €5 or €10. To show our gratitude we will send you a ½ year report on the developments of 1 specific ‘Ithemba Child’.

Not only does your contribution supports the specific ‘Ithemba Child’ of whom you’re following the developments, but it also improves conditions for all other children of Ithemba!

For Dutch people: the amount of money you decide to sponsor can be donated on a monthly base to, the Dutch foundation, Qalisa. This foundation helps and supports Ithemba where necessary. The sum of all donations of the ‘sponsor a child’ project will be collected by Qalisa before this amount is transferred to South Africa. More information about the Dutch foundation Qalisa can be found on www.qalisa.nl.

At the bottom of this page you find an overview of all Ithemba Children and an application form. The application form requires to fill out some personal details and choosing one specific ´Ithemba Child´ of who you receive a progression report. Click on the images to download the files.

Photos of children witch you can sponsor       Information about sponsoring a child