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Help Ithemba

Sponsor a child


Help Ithemba

Do you support the goals and initiatives of Ithemba then your help is more than welcome and greatly appreciated. Below are several ways to do this:

Of course, we greatly appreciate any donations. Your gifts can always be deposited at our bank account into the name of Ithemba Special Day Care centre:

First National Bank/account number: 6220203065
Branch Code: 261050

Sponsor a child
If you want to be involved and contribute to Ithemba, you can! You can already support Ithemba by donating €5 or €10 a month. To show our gratitude we will send you a ½ year report on the developments of 1 specific ‘Ithemba Child’.

Not only does your contribution supports the specific ‘Ithemba Child’ of whom you’re following the developments, but it also improves conditions for all other children of Ithemba!

For more information and the forms, please check the Sponsor a child page.

Organize an activity yourself
Do you have a great idea to collect funds, for example at school, sports club or somewhere else? This always is appreciated and a lot of fun! Of course we can also pick one or more items of the needs list to give you a focussed goal for collecting the money. All activities include a report, photos and a financial overview.

Product donation
The needs of Ithemba can be divided in several categories:

  • Teaching and office: scissors, permanent markers, paint, cardboard sheets, puzzles, balls (soccer), educational (computer) programmes, printer, cartridges for printer & fax machine, bead work.

  • Kitchen: dishing spoons, table spoons, salad bowls, pots, big containers, dish washer.

  • Hygiene needs: tissues (25 boxes a year), soap (toilets), hydrating cream (skin problems), shower & bath gel, shampoo, vaseline, tooth paste (20 tubes a year), tooth brushes, towels (tooth brushing).

  • First aid: plasters, latex gloves, bandages, gauze.

  • Building and grounds: repairs (toilet, window blinds), paint for building and classrooms, light bulbs, tarring of entrance to Ithemba, wood glue, services of gardener, soil and compost, barrow.

  • Other: flyer Ithemba, Christmas party, outings children, 6 plastic chairs (volunteers rooms), cupboard to store stuff physiotherapy, plastic boxes (to store donations for jumble shop).